Camelot Digital


By utilizing the content that is already developed during the normal course of your business, the process of converting your paper catalog to a digital iCatalog is both quick and painless. With our solutions, your catalog products, indexes, table of contents, and even video presentations can be linked by our production team to integrate seamlessly with your shopping cart or other e-commerce systems. Our experience with design and proven navigation features, ensure a cohesive online experience, allowing shoppers to move easily between the iCatalog and the rest of your website.

Once your iCatalog is created, we can provide enhanced versions for use with tablets and other mobile devices that are a growing part of our catalog industry. We also offer interactive USB, DVD, or CD-ROM applications, which are being featured by a growing number of catalog merchants.

Both options below will enable you to continue to leverage the current layout of your catalog, while providing an intuitive online shopping experience that generates higher average orders. Delivery time for either iCatalog solution averages 7-10 days or we can also accommodate rush requests with as little as 48 hours turnaround time.

iCatalog LIVE:

This solution is favored by a majority of our clients, who realize the benefits of having Camelot Digital host their catalogs and flyers on our state of the art Rackspace servers. By working together we provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee with dedicated servers that are managed 24x7x365 by our team of specialists.

In addition to hosting the catalog content, we provide the template and all navigational functionality, customizing it to your look and feel. All that is required on your end is to have a text or graphical image of the catalog linked from your Homepage to the iCatalog LIVE.

The setup of the iCatalog LIVE is transparent to the customer and allows the digital catalog to be viewed at an optimal speed with the ability for you to track the iCatalog performance using your existing web metrics software. This keeps the maintenance and upgrade workload off of your already busy staff, ensuring that your catalog is live and available to your customers as soon as it is completed.

iCatalog LOCAL:

This is a package that is integrated into existing website templates and then hosted on your servers. All of the links, navigation, and other features are put into a simple package to be utilized with your existing infrastructure. Designed to work with any e-commerce system, this option enables your IT staff to be in control.